30% off on pizza(free medium pizza on purchase of large pizza)-PAPA JOHN’s pizza

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PAPA JOHN’s offers on pizza 30% off on pizza(free medium pizza on purchase of large pizza)

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Better Ingredients. Always Had Them. Always Will.

In 1984, Papa John’s opened its doors with one goal in mind: Better Pizza. We knew that with better ingredients we would create better pizzas. That goal and the promise of “better ingredients, better pizza” remain true to this day.

Our fundamental belief is simple: take care of your people and give them the best to work with and you will make superior quality pizza. This is what drives us and it’s why we invest more than many others in the industry in our effort to consistently deliver superior pizza and superior service.

The more you know about our ingredients, the more informed your pizza choices will be. If you have any ingredients questions, watch our video and check out our detailed ingredients statement to get the answers.

NOTE: Videos on this site were produced for the North American market. Papa John’s of India do not use beef or beef related products.

John’s Traditional Hand-Tossed Pizza:

Dough Flour

Our hand-tossed original dough is fresh, never frozen.


100% Mozzarella Cheese.

Non Veg Toppings:

Chicken Tikka

Juicy chicken chunks.

Grilled Chicken

Succulent sliced chicken is 100% white meat with a charcoaled grilled flavor.

Chicken Salami

High Quality Chicken Salami without any fillers.

Tandoori Chicken

Juicy pieces of spiced chicken to give a hearty Indian Flavor.

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausages

100% real meat seasoned with a special blend of spices.

Pepper Roast Chicken

Julienne pieces of authentic chicken with an extra spicy peppery flavor.


Sliced and cooked to a crispy perfection.

Veg Toppings:


Fresh unsalted white cottage cheese made from superior quality milk.

Tandoori Paneer

Juicy pieces of white cottage cheese to give a hearty Indian Flavor.


Freshly sliced, sweet and crunchy green peppers give great colour and flavour.


Delivered fresh to our stores and sliced to give your pizza an earthy taste.


Freshly sliced in store and guaranteed to bring flavour to your pizza.

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh ripe tomatoes cut.

Golden Corn

These golden corn nuggets of sweetness are scattered on your pizza.

Black Olives

We import our black olives from the fertile soil of Southern Spain.

Jalapeno Peppers

Turn up the heat with our pickled and sliced Jalapeno Peppers.

Green Chillies

Thinly sliced fresh green chillies to spice up your pizza.

Red Peppers

Freshly sliced, sweet and crunchy red peppers to give a great colour and flavor.

Red Paprika

Preserved freshly in our stores to give a tangy and spicy flavor.


Our crisp and plump pepperoncinis gives a burst of zesty tanginess.


Garden Salad

This salad is for the healthy you! Iceberg Lettuce, Red Onions, Tomatoes, green capsicum, cucumber, carrots, red cabbage and golden corn with Thousand Island Dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Lightly grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and red cabbage with Thousand Island dressing.


Papas Chicken Strips

Our all-white 100% chicken breast fillets are lightly breaded, then baked to a crisp and golden brown.

Chicken Wings

Five tender Chicken Wings, marinated with secret spices and served with Barbeque sauce. Our made-to-order, bone-in chicken wings are oven-baked to a golden crisp.

Original Breadsticks

Our fresh dough baked to a golden brown colour. Served with our signature tomato pizza sauce for dipping.

Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

Our freshly baked breadsticks are a favourite. Topped with our signature Garlic sauce and Italian Parmesan seasoning and served with our signature pizza sauce for dipping.


Eight pieces of Papa John’s fresh dough loaded with mounds of 100% Mozzarella cheese served with Papa’s pizza dipping sauce.

Potato Wedges

Crispy with a special seasoning. Papa’s Potato wedges are baked until golden brown. Served with tomato ketchup.

Nonveg Rollies

These little rolled snacks are made from our hand tossed dough, with tiny pieces of Chicken Tikka, fresh red onions, Fresh Green Capsicum and 100% mozzarella cheese.

Veggie Rollies

These little rolled delights are made from our hand tossed dough, with tiny pieces of jalapeno peppers, fresh red onions and 100% mozzarella cheese.

Cheesy Jalapeno Nuggets

A great combination of zesty jalapeno peppers and 100% Mozzarella cheese in a light batter. Irrestibly crisp on the outside and melting cheese on the inside!


Choco Mousse Cup

A fluffy chocolate mousse. Light and delicious.

Choco Fudge Nut Brownie

The epic brownie with lot of delicious walnuts. The perfect combination.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate cake bursting with chocolate sauce. The ultimate chocolate sensatio

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